A few days after getting Elsa on snowshoes for the first time, I was eager to get her out with others her age sharing the fun. So my neighbour and I plotted to get our girls out together, and picked Mer Bleue as the venue.

Mer bleue is a nice place to witness the change of seasons. I find every time of year there is quite stunning and unique. Bogs are neat 🙂 But I had never snowshoed there, so this was going to be a new experience, always a bonus. Stocked up on bagels and hot chocolate, we headed east for about 15-20min, till we hit the Eastern Greenbelt of the city.

At the turnoff you can park to do a cross-country ski that I plan to get to someday. But we kept on straight, waving to the horses at the farm as we passed, and parked at the boardwalk trail. It looks magical out there. Everything was crusted in ice and fresh snow had fallen the night before, it was beautiful. We got our gear on, walked about 10 feet until someone claimed they needed to pee. Every. Time.

AND then we were off!

Snowshoeing with the kids at Mer Bleu in Ottawa's Greenbelt

Snowshoeing with the kids at Mer Bleu in Ottawa’s Greenbelt

There’s a covered picnic area at the beginning of the trail, where we planned to have our post trail snack. Then we turned off to go down to the bog and boardwalk. The sun came out and it made everything sparkle in the sun, “like a Frozen princess land,” one of the girls commented 🙂 And we spotted some winter birds, and a few photographers out documenting this beautiful time and place. It was great.

It was also a lot of, “come one girls, lets keep going.” “Please stop falling down on purpose.” “The first one to the end might get an extra cookie!.” “GET UP.” But they were totally into it. At just over 1km, it was a good amount of time for two 4-5yr olds. Stopping early for the snacks always seems to help. And everyone was in good spirits to enjoy the super friendly chickadees feeding out of our hands and socializing in the shrubbery. Lots of fun!

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