Here’s a Feel Good meets Small World kind of story from the good folks over at whitewater rafting outfit Wilderness Tours.

A customer lost their GoPro, which apparently happens pretty often (I can actually attest to this :/ ) while cliff jumping, only to have it almost miraculously find its way back to the owners. Check out this story from the Wilderness Tours Facebook page:

OWL Rafting
August 23 · 

OWL is on a mission: we found a GoPro yesterday in the Ottawa River from one of our 2012 rafting trips. 7 years later, the camera is still in good condition and all the photos still accessible. We were able to track the trip date to August 10, 2012 but cannot figure out who the rafters are. It would be so incredibly cool to find the owner and return the GoPro after all this time!

Remember that GoPro we found a while back? The one that washed up on the side of the river? The one that still worked and happened to be from an OWL trip in 2012? Ya? The owner was found, but the story gets even more bizarre (trust us, this is worth the read)…

After every busy summer, OWL Rafting’s owners, Claudia and Dirk take a much-needed vacation. This time was on a cycling trip in the highlands of Scotland.

Claudia loves to get pre-trip pedicures at her favourite Ottawa spot, ‘Accent on Beauty’. Owner, Doreen was insistent on connecting them with her sister, Di, living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Remembering that Di had gone rafting with OWL many years earlier, they had lots to talk about outside their Edinburgh B&B two weeks later. Immediately Di shared with Claudia and Dirk how much they loved rafting, but that the day had ended on a slightly negative note when their son, Lloyd, lost his GoPro.

It is worth mentioning that losing a GoPro is a regular occurrence during a rafting trip. Nonetheless, they asked where he lost it – “it fell off while cliff jumping”; Claudia and Dirk couldn’t help but wonder. Not able to find the Facebook post at that moment, the suspense built up until afternoon tea. They texted the OWL office who forwarded them the Facebook link about the found GoPro.

“That’s me!”, said Di. She couldn’t believe it. How is this possible to re-connect with the missing GoPro owners seven years later? She then texted her son Lloyd, who also lived in Edinburgh, to come downtown. Busy with his firstborn, and with a second baby on the way, he was reluctant. But, when Claudia and Dirk showed him the FB post, his eyes lit up. “That’s my GoPro, the first one I ever owned.”

Back in Canada, the GoPro was sent to Lloyd Hall, who is sharing his videos and photos with his mates. It has been an incredible story of coincidences. First, having the GoPro resurface after the historical floods of 2017 and 2019; popping up only 500 meters downstream of where it was lost. Second, being able to recover the photos and post on Facebook. Finally, randomly meeting up with the Hall family in Edinburgh, casually speaking about rafting and ending up with the perfect conclusion to our GoPro story.

Thank you to everyone who shared our original post, we are so ecstatic to provide a happy ending to the search!

A picture off the missing then found GoPro

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