It’s pretty obvious that skiing is a good workout… but why exactly?

For some reason Time Magazine has put this little video together espousing the virtues of getting out on the slopes:

Why Skiing Is a Ridiculously Good Workout

Why skiing is a ridiculously good workout.

Posted by TIME on Friday, January 26, 2018

The video notes that:

  • Skiing benefits depend on your skill level, how hard you push yourself, and the types of terrain you ski
  • Alpine skiing has a combination of endurance and resistance training
  • It offers positive effects on your heart and circulation, as well as the peripheral muscles like your legs
  • Downhill skiing equates roughly to a rowing or cycling workout
  • All types of skiing offer cardio-metabolic benefits including improved insulin resistance, body composition and a drop in blood pressure
  • Skiing is also a form of interval training, which extends your life and improves your fitness level
  • The highly coordinated movements of skiing set it apart from other fitness activities
  • Knee and hip movements challenge a greater range of lower-body muscles than other excercises
  • Research shows that activating and training the lower body can improve balance and stability
  • And of course, spending time outdoors in nature is great for your mental and physical health

So what are you waiting for… go hit the slopes!

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