Billions of wasp-sized mosquitoes, able to bite through two layers of clothing, descend on North Carolinians like “flurries of snow”… presumably reported by folks who don’t get much snow.

Psorophora Ciliata: a giant, wasp-sized mosquitoThe floodwaters left by Hurricane Florence have become a breeding grounds for the largest mosquitoes on earth.

Ten times the size of normal mosquitoes “Gallinippers” inflict a powerful bite said to feel like you’re being stabbed.

“It was like a flurry—like it was snowing mosquitos,” Cassie Vadovsky, told the local NBC news channel. “I think my car agitated them. I waited for them to calm down before I grabbed the kids and the ran into the house.”

It’s like “a bad science fiction movie,” another local resident told the Fayetteville Observer.

“They were inundating me, and one landed on me. It was like a small blackbird. I told my wife … I’m going to have to use a shotgun on these things if they get any bigger.”

Individual American Gallinippers have tested positive for West Nile Virus and various strains of encephalitis, however, the CDC does not consider the species to be a vector in the transmission of any of these diseases.

Governor Roy Cooper has directed $4 million to support mosquito control efforts.

Why do I feel like global warming means we’ll be seeing this fellow sooner rather than later around Ottawa?!


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