I came across a poll in the Killarney Provincial Park Facebook page where a member was asking what method people were using these days to protect their food from bears.

I’ve posted recently about whether the bear hang is the best answer in all cases, especially since so many people do it wrong (myself included sometimes). Well the debate goes on, but based on the poll it looks like the bear hang is still on top:

The Bear Hang Poll from the Killarney Provincial Park Facebook page.

As you can see, most people in the group who voted stick with the bear hang.

One option that isn’t on the poll but was mentioned a few times in the comments was simply carrying the food a distance from the camp, at least in black bear country, and tying it to a tree in a barrel or some other hard case.

The blue camping barrels are not bear proof, so you’ll be sacrificing your food if a bear does come across your hidden grub, but I still use this method for relatively close-to-home trips (i.e. I can get back to civilization in less than a day).

Anyway… more food for bears, er, I mean for thought!

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