Despite the obvious natural connection, I find many peoples’ main objection to camping or extended outdoor stays is that they don’t like crapping in the woods!

Whether thunderboxes, outhouses, or even just little dug holes, I’ve heard a lot of friends use doing #1 or #2 as the reason they don’t feel like coming on my amazing trips. For some it’s the smell of the outhouse, for others it’s the thought of all the contaminated surfaces, for others its the thought of being exposed so vulnerably in nature.

So what can I do to overcome these objections? Still working on it of course, but I’ve come across this new product recently and thought I’d share, possibly get some feedback.

It’s the Toilet Backpack! As you can probably tell from the creative name it’s a little bathroom in a backpack a personal-sized changing-room style tent coupled with a toilet seat that users can pop up to poop anywhere.

Toilet Backpack

Carry your own toilet wherever you go!

Posted by Impressive Things on Monday, June 24, 2019

So what do you say, all you cowardly country crappers? Would this assuage your fears and concerns? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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