A tweet from @OnHighlands sent me to the Ontario Ghost Towns index, a section of GhostTownPix.com, that is “dedicated to all those forgotten communities, which whether due to lousy planning, impossible dreams, or rotten luck, just didn’t make it.”

The site has a list of over 40 abandoned or nearly empty towns in eastern Ontario alone; there are probably hundreds indexed on the site from Ontario, and even more in their BC, NWT, and Saskatchewan sections. Each ghost town – some of them no more than a foundation – has a little write-up and history, a photo, and a handy Google map showing where to find it.

Not exactly an outdoor extreme sport, I agree, but some of these locations could be neat for you photobugs. With places like Eldorado, CFB Picton, and Cordova Mines, it could make for some fun spelunking!

Check out the Ontario Ghost Towns page on GhostTownPix.com.

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