Snowshoeing a the Arbs with my Daughter

Snowshoeing a the Arbs with my Daughter

I’ve always loved the Arboretum. It’s another great example of Ottawa’s fantastic downtown green space. But the other other day, it was all white.

After another big dump of snow, the Arboretum was the perfect place to test out the snowshoes that we had picked up at Play it Again Sports.

At 4yrs old, I am mindful of keeping Elsa’s sports experiences short and sweet. Making sure she wants to do it again is top priority. So no, this was not going to be a nice half day trek in the brilliant sunshine and glittering snow. What it was, was about an hour and a half of fun exploring through the trees, checking out the great view at the top of the hill, and just enough of a tease to remember to bring our sleds next time!

Elsa did great. We made our way down one side of the hill, in some fresh powder, comparing how it feels to blaze new trail versus the ease of walking in someones path.

When we went back up to the top of the hill, we breaked for some hot chocolate and a smartie cookie. Once we had refuelled, back down the hill we went, through some brush, with Elsa leading part of the way. We came around the bend to the bottom of the main lookout, and had fun checking out the dozens of sledders having a great time. It really was the perfect day to be outside enjoying the winter. LOVE that winter sun!

After climbing the hill once again, dodging some sledders this time, we meandered through the tall snow covered evergreens. We had fun shaking the snow from the branches to watch them bounce back up after being relieved of all that weight, all of us getting snowed on in the process.

And Elsa was still all smiles once we got back to the parking lot.

Victory 🙂

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