This week’s record-setting dump of a whopping 10cm of snow (almost) has triggered a frenzy of activity on the cross country ski trails in the region!

The tireless and determined folks who run the SJAM Winter Trail wasted no time packing own the snowfall to form possibly the earliest-ever ski base along the Ottawa river in the west.

The SJAM winter trail is getting an early grooming – looks great!

Doing strictly “test” passes on the SJAM Winter Trail and not going beyond Champlain Bridge (working from Westboro Beach going east bound).

We are working hand-in-hand with @NationalCapitalCommission to complete land preparation before the real grooming season begins in December.

This is still very much pre-season.

Many thanks to #volunteer Groomer Peter Edmison for use of ATV because the skis from the snowmobile sink straight down through the snow and therefore a non-starter.

SJAM Facebook Page

The Ski Heritage East gang aren’t quite ready to groom, but they’re encouraging enthusiasts to get out there nonetheless:

10cm of snow forecast for tomorrow and more to come during the week. Get out there and bushwack until we’re ready to groom.

Ski Heritage East Facebook Page

The fine folks in Gatineau Park aren’t missing the opportunity either – skiers have been out already making their own track, dodging sticks and footprints from trail runners. And the NCC wasted no time in getting the grooming started:

First snow = beginning of grooming operations. 🤩❄️No trails are recommended just yet, a lot more snow is needed before we officially open for the season (but it’s OK to get excited!)

Posted by Gatineau Park on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

No trails are officially open for skiing yet, but as you can see the trails are largely covered in snow and skiers are making the most of the early start to the season:

Dave McMahon of Natural Fitness Labs gets first tracks behind the groomer after the snowfall.
Another shot of the Gatineau Park trails, this one from Nathan Underwood

All this is just amazing news and hopefully leads to a super-long ski season!

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