A stretch of the Petit Nation river might get an official route stamped out for canoe and kayak paddlers.

The Petit Nation is already a bit of a minor destination for whitewater paddlers; a 10-kilometre stretch provides a handful of Class II-IV rapids.

Now a new recreational tourist endeavour led by the local municipality is laying the groundwork for a paddlable route between Ripon and Plaisance, which borders the Parc du Plaisance on the Ottawa River where the Petit Nation joins.

From Le Petit Nation website and poorly translated by Google:

A favorable preliminary ruling was issued by the Quebec Agricultural Land Protection Commission (CPTAQ) regarding the Petite Nation River circuit, a new recreational tourism project led by the municipality of Saint-André-Avellin.

Petit Nation river
Petit Nation river

The municipality of Avellin wants to use part of the Petite Nation River to make a navigable circuit from Ripon to Plaisance.

The municipality had made an application to the CPTAQ last March for the sale of lots 5,244,181 and 6,173,976 to the Cadastre du Québec, two lots belonging to Hydro-Québec now made public.

The lots are located along the Petite Nation River. Lot 5 244 181 is located on the east side of Rang Saint-Louis, about 450 meters southwest of the junction with Rang Saint-Joseph West. Lot 6 173 976 is located at the end of the Marcotte climb.

If the project is accepted, people could sail freely by kayak or canoe on the river.

According to the Mayor of Saint-André-Avellin Jean-René-Carrière, the project could bring its dividends: “Currently, the river is not exploited at its fair value. Why not use it? This is the best opportunity we have and we can not miss it, “he explained to us last April.

The Mayor of Saint-André-Avellin reminds that the request is not approved since the decision made by the CPTAQ is only the preliminary orientation of the project. This process allows people who want to make other comments to do so before the final decision. No date is scheduled for the CPTAQ’s decision.

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