The NCC wishes to advise pedestrians and cyclists to exercise caution on some sections of the Capital Pathway network, as the recent rise in water levels has led to the closure of some pathway sections and other NCC lands, and there are several other sections that should be avoided.

Our teams are working hard to clean up, so that all sections of closed pathway can be reopened as soon as possible.

Our team of engineers has been inspecting both the Champlain Bridge and the Portage Bridge at least twice a day, and will continue to do so until the water recedes. Both bridges are currently holding well, and they are not at risk.

We ask that you please respect the barricades and follow the directional signage in place.

The affected lands are listed below.

Ontario Urban Lands

Core area: 

  • Parliament Hill Pathway, Locks to Fleet Street parking lot

Western lands

  • South pathway from Dominion Station to Maplelawn Garden 
  • Ottawa River Pathway from LeBreton Flats to Mud Lake
  • Ottawa River Pathway from Carling to Greenview (Belltown Sector) 
  • Bate Island
  • Champlain parking lot
  • DeschĂȘnes parking lot
  • Mud Lake trails near Cassels Street and the Water Treatment Plant

Eastern lands

  • Ottawa River Pathway completely closed (Lower path)


  • Trail 42: sections B to E are still covered with water and impassable.
  • P3 parking lot (Corkstown Road)
  • P1 parking lot (Riffle Road)
  • Trail 10 

Quebec Urban Lands

Voyageurs Corridor

  • Several sections of the Voyageurs Pathway are under water and unusable. Barricades are in place to indicate flooded areas. Please obey the signage.

Champlain Corridor

  • One section of the pathway, located in the southern part of the corridor is flooded. 

Gatineau River pathway

  • The pathway between the Rapibus and Fournier Boulevard is closed due to flooding.

Leamy Lake Park / Leamy Creek

  • The site, including picnic areas and the beach, is flooded and closed until further notice. 
  • The pathways are closed and unusable due to flooding.

Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park trails are now open, except for those indicated.

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