Got a 2×8, a jigsaw, and four screws? Why not build yourself a kayak balance stool?

I saw this post from HomeGrownEvolution by Erik Knutzen, who cancelled his Y membership and is looking to make his own exercise equipment. Well, witness his first piece: the kayak balance stool.

Says Erik:

I discovered this idea in Christopher Cunningham’s book Building the Greenland Kayak. To make your kayak balance stool, find a piece of scarp wood. I used a 2 x 8 and cut it to fit my ass to toe dimensions. Cut two end boards, each a foot long. Attach the end boards to the sittin’ board with some bolts or sturdy screws. The deeper the curve on the bottom of the end boards, the more tippy it gets. Cunningham suggests a depth of 1 1/2 inches to start. I’d suggest making that curve a bit on the “pointy” side, as any flatness will lead to a lack of tippitude.

The original post has an addendum by the missus, and she points out that the 1½” curve is a bit easy to master, so maybe aim a bit higher to start. I wonder if you’re supposed to actually paddle while you sit on it, or if just sitting and balancing is the idea?

Know what? I’ve got some scrap wood left over from my deck… I think I’ll build me a kayak balance stool to while away the winter! I’ll keep you posted with the progress, let me know if you give it a try yourself!


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