To accommodate the huge number of revelers expected to take in Canada’s 150th this year, the City of Ottawa has decided to open up 10 grassy spots across Ottawa for “Urban Camping” over the Canada Day weekend.

Would-be urban campers can choose from two packages – a 3 day or a 5 day – at one of the 10 spots (9 allow for RVs and campers, 4 allow tents) the City has chosen; most are downtown, but four are a little further out. Some have recreational centres attached, although there’s an extra fee if you want to use some of the facilities.

The tent campsites are pretty pricey for what you get: a 25′ x 25′ patch of grass and washroom access, and that’s it. No picnic table, bbq, no outdoor fires (although gas bbqs are allowed), no pets, for $220/tent.

Well, it’s still probably the cheapest accommodation in town that weekend! Registration is now open through the City of Ottawa website, and here are the full details from the City:

Registration runs from March 1 until June 15, 2017 for Voyageur and Portage Packages.

Details about each camping area can be found in the map and table below. Click on a location in the map to find out more or compare locations using the table.  To register, select the “Registration” link. Your payment in full and acceptance of the terms and conditions of Urban Camping is all you need. Bring a copy of your receipt when you arrive at the camp site.


A number of fully accessible RV sites are available, primarily at the Nepean Sportsplex and Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex. If you have mobility or other accessibility requirements, please identify them to us when you register. City staff will contact you to discuss how we can best accommodate your needs. Due to the locations of the camping areas, not all tent sites are accessible.

Refund Policy

Partial refunds of the registration fee (50% minus a $15 administration fee) will be issued until April 30, 2017, only.  No refunds will be issued after April 30, 2017.

RV Camping site details

  • All RV camping sites are for one RV or one trailer/vehicle combo.
  • Each site can accommodate eight people in the RV/trailer.
  • No sleeping tents allowed.
  • Recreational vehicle fees are based on the length of the vehicle, with the higher fee charged to vehicles over 33 feet in length.
  • Sites are assigned upon arrival. If you wish to camp beside another person, you MUST arrive together (no saving spots).
  • There are two dimensions of regular RV sites
    • 25 feet x 33 feet; and
    • 17 feet x 51 feet
  • Long RV sites are approximately 17 feet x 68 feet.
  • Passenger vehicles must be detached from the towed unit if the two together exceed the length of the assigned site.
  • Each RV must be parked as instructed by the City of Ottawa representatives.
  • Campers must respect the boundaries of the site assigned to them in order to avoid obstructing roads and pathways. The RV or trailer/vehicle and any equipment must stay within the site boundaries.
  • Generators may be used only between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

 Tent Camping Site details

  • Tent site packages include registration for one vehicle and up to six people per site.
  • Sites are assigned upon arrival.
  • If you wish to camp beside another person, you MUST arrive together (no saving spots).
  • Tent camping sites are 25 feet X 25 feet, plus a parking space for one (1) passenger vehicle (i.e. cars, pickup trucks and SUVs) in an onsite parking lot.
  • Only vehicles assigned an Urban Camping parking permit may enter the campsite.
  • If you require more than 25 feet X 25 feet, or wish to bring more than one passenger vehicle, you must register for an additional site.
  • Campers must respect the boundaries of the site assigned to them in order to avoid obstructing roads and pathways. Tents and any equipment must not protrude beyond the site boundaries.

Any change in site must be approved by the City of Ottawa representative.

Inquiries may be sent to: sends e-mail).

City of Ottawa Canada Day Urban Camping Locations

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