Jason Komendat, owner of Retro-Rides, started by fixing up old and often forgotten bikes for the kids in his community for free, but when people started to pay him to build their bikes, he began to sell them privately. Business was going so well that he decided to hire two employees and open Retro-Rides. The store opened in May and is tucked away just behind the Canada Post and across from the Riviera at 65 Sparks Street.

Not only does Komendat sell beautiful custom made bikes, you can also bring your existing bike in for a facelift where they can rebuild it, tune it up, and give it a second life. Not only are they selling vintage bikes but also helping you preserve yours! Depending on the job, you can bring your bike in during the morning and have it back at the end of the day.

Bike Service, Photo: Retro-Rides

Another interesting service they are providing is their tune-up and winter storage service. So when the summer season comes to an end and it’s time to tuck away your bike for the season, ride it down to Retro-Rides where Jason and his team will tune it up and store it for you for the winter.

All in all, Retro-Rides seems like a wonderful addition to the already established Ottawa cycling community with a new approach to vintage and classic bikes!




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