If you’re looking for THE authoritative map on tripping in Algonquin Park you usually go no further than Jeff’s Map Algonquin Park map. Long regarded as the best of the lot, the main guy from Jeff’s map (i.e. Jeff) is now with Unlostify, and they have been promising to put out an Algonquin Park map for some time.

Well good news – almost! Long delayed and highly anticipated, Unlostify posted an update on the status of the new version on their Facebook page today:


Understandably, we get a lot of questions about the Algonquin map, so we’re writing this update to answer the question once and for all!

We’re currently slaving away on the Algonquin maps every day, unfortunately, they aren’t ready just yet.

(Sadly, we’ve had to cancel a number of planned canoe trips to try to get them done sooner. 🙁 but also 🙂)

The bad news: We are still committed to launching the maps this summer, but at this point, don’t want to make any promises as to the exact timeline. We’ve encountered a few delays so far and don’t want to keep giving you ETAs that we won’t end up meeting.

The good news: With all of the extra time that these maps have received, they’re going to be way better than we ever expected!

To find out when they’re ready:

1) Sign up for our email list. We only send out emails once in a blue moon, usually when we have a new map: (http://eepurl.com/c-13WL)

2) Keep an eye on the pinned post on our Unlostify FB page (currently this post). We’ll post a new announcement, pinned to the top, once the maps are available for purchase.

3) Check our website (http://www.unlostify.com) and the currently blurred Algonquin map will become un-blurred and clickable, once the maps are available for purchase.

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