The NCC is testing out a new Cross Country Ski Trail Conditions map that is now accessible to the public.

With separate views for skate-ski trails and classic/back-country trails, the new interactive-ish map allows would-be skiers to:

  • Plan your cross-country ski adventure in the Park
  • Get suggestions on ideal access points (parking lots)
  • See the latest updates on ski conditions and grooming operations
  • Get an overview of the recommended network for classic/back-country and skate skiing
  • Find addition trail information

The map allows users to measure distances roughly, and it gives a little more detail on hazards and steep slopes than the regular map. Overall a nice step in the evolution of trail reporting.

And, once you’re done figuring out your perfect ski route through the park, you can click on the “Share” link to get a url to send to your pals.

And don’t forget, you can always get the latest trail reports from the diehards at, too!

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