The NCC has put up a little microsite detailing the planned rollout of the 100km of new trails in Gatineau Park.

Last year the NCC committed to adding about 100km of new trails to the official Gatineau Park trail network. This was seen as a compromise, after the mountain biking community had created almost 300km of unofficial trails through the park, many of them crossing sensitive ecological areas and endangered species habitat.

While the bulk of the new trails are for mountain bikers, other outdoor enthusiasts will benefit too in the form of new corss countril trails, snowshoe trails, and hikes.

The trail building will be completed in 4 phases, and work has already begun on Phase 1 for this summer. The entire trail network should be completed by the Fall of 2021.

You can visit the NCC’s New Trails microsite here for a little more detail, or take a look at the new trails summary and timeline below.

For a more detailed breakdown of what trails are being kept and for which sports, take a look at my breakdown from last year when they announced the changes.



Phase 1

Date: Summer 2018

Total Length: 14.43 km

Summer Use: Biking and hiking

Winter Use: Depending on the trail, winter biking and snowshoeing

Work Begins: Mid-June 2018

Expected Opening: Late summer 2018


Phase 2

Date: Summer 2018 – Spring 2019

Total Length: 16.49 km

Summer Use: Biking and hiking

Winter Use: Winter biking and snowshoeing

Work Begins: Mid-July 2018

Expected Opening: Spring 2019


Phase 3

Date: Summer 2019 – Spring 2020

Total Length: 18.25 km

Summer Use: Biking and hiking

Winter Use: Depending on the trail, winter biking, snowshoeing and back-country skiing

Work Begins: Summer 2019

Expected Opening: Spring 2020


Phase 4

Date: Summer 2020 – Fall 2021

Total Length: 61.73 km

Summer Use: Back-country hiking (self-guided)

Winter Use: Snowshoeing and back-country skiing

Work Begins: Summer 2020

Expected Opening: Fall 2021


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