national_capital_greenbelt_mapThe NCC is considering three key concepts put forward in the National Capital Greenbelt Master Plan, an all-encompassing analysis of the Greenbelt that aims to maintain the natural environment and enhance the community’s overall benefit from the green space.

The main concepts mostly involve enhancing ecological linkages and corridors, in part through the use of forest plantations, adding and enhancing “buffer zones” between the Greenbelt and other ecologically sensitive areas (like South March Highlands, for example?), and even removing some buildings that aren’t “compatible”.

The proposal also talks about lopping off “four select parcels of land with limited contribution to current Greenbelt roles for diversified land uses”. These portions of land would be leased or sold, with the proceeds going towards the rest of the Greenbelt plan.

These same concepts will be submitted to the public and other stakeholders for consultation through April, May and June, but no details have been announced yet.

You can read the full press release here at the NCC website.


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