With a respectable 101.8cm of white stuff, January 2019 has broken the record for the snowiest January on record in Ottawa, breaking the old record of 93cm from 1999.

This is welcome news for outdoor lovers, after December left us wanting with just 27cm, barely enough to cover up ski and snowshoe trails in the region.

Of note in our record-breaking month are two other records we set: after waking up on the morning of Saturday January 19th to the dubious distinction of being the coldest capital city in the world, we were inundated by 30cm of snow… marking the coldest snowstorm in Ottawa in over 100 years.

All in all a pretty decent month for a winter lover like me. The SJAM ski trails, just around the corner from me, is finally reliably open, as are all the ski hills!

Here’s hoping for another record-setting February!!

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