After generating some serious buzz a couple weeks ago with the teaser announcement, Zibi, Orkerstra, and Rogers have officially announced the new interprovincial zipline between Ottawa and Gaitneau… creatively called Interzip!

The new zipline definitely promises to be fun: flying along almost 1400′ of cable between Ottawa and Gatineau at 120′ in the air… it will definitely be one of the hottest attractions in Ottawa come summer.

With truly unique views of the Chaudiere Falls, the Parliament Buildings, and downtown Gatineau (straight from the promo material), this ride promises to be a one-of-a-kind adventure in the region.

In fact the group responsible for Interzip expects 30,000 riders annually … pretty impressive.

This graphic shows the approximate route and location of the new Interzip adventure.

Some good details came from this announcement: height (120′) and length of cable (1400′, though its not clear that’s the length of the ride), as a depiction of the start and end points (but again, no guarantee these are finalized). It’s all on display in a flashy new website, where visitors can register for pre-sale notification in the spring.

Overall I’m pretty stoked about this cool new project. I would have liked to see a little more local sponsorship instead of yet another Rogers something-or-other, but I can see this project’s appeal to a big telecom. Let’s hope its not as slow and expensive as Rogers’ other offerings (zing!).

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