As someone who loves flowers, and I mean who doesn’t, I was on the lookout for an easier way to identify them while on hikes or even in someone’s garden. While I’ve always been a book person who loves the tangible aspect, I wanted a way that was a bit quicker. Scrolling through Google, I found myGardenanswers, an app where you take a picture of the plant in question and it identifies it right away. There are already over 1,250,000 users and wonderful reviews so I thought, why not?

When you take a picture of the flower, you have to zoom in and make sure that the flower occupies the entire frame. The app then searches for matches and shows you the closest ones. From there you select the plant that looks most like yours and voila, it gives you the name and some facts about the flower. As of yet, the flower I have been searching for has always been the first one they suggest. So not only is it fast, but also precise!

If you’re like me and like to know what you’re looking at while in Gatineau Park, or in your own backyard, it’s worth a download. Also, have I mentioned that it’s completely free!

Not only do they identify flowers but also grasses, herbs, mosses, succulents, trees, vegetable plants, shrubs, vines and weeds. Not only is it a great app for people with a simple curiosity but also for beginner to avid gardeners who need to know what type of climate a plant needs as well as how much sun, etc.

On top of myGardenanswers being able to identify flowers for you, it also has an option where you can ask a Horticulturist questions concerning all of the listed living organisms above as well as about plant diseases and pests. So, if for some reason the app doesn’t give you what you need, you can reach out to a professional in the field.

Another cool feature is that you can link it to your Pinterest account and it will save all of your searches and photographs of your flora there.

Below are some screenshots I took of flowers around my neighbourhood, just to give you an idea of how precise and quick this app is!



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