I have two (working) GoPros and a couple waterproof digital cameras with which I record my various little adventures around Ottawa, and I’m constantly trying to figure out clever ways to jam, hang, or balance them in precarious places to get just the right shot. This might sound like nothing much, but mounting your $400, non-floating GoPro somewhere on your rental canoe as you run down rapids is challenging. On my own equipment I can stick GoPro mounts, but those things are hard to get off borrowed gear.

So, when I came across this little tip in the Canoe Roots newsletter I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier! This guy uses plastic wood clamps, with a hole drilled through, and then a ΒΌ” bolt stuck through and attached, to make the perfect GoPro mount.

It clips anywhere you want and they’re pretty secure (although I’d certainly attach a floatie and tether the entire thing to the boat if I was running rapids). In the video he also seems to have added a second mount in the handle of the clamp, which is double genius, so you can mount a camera facing either direction – or both! Can’t wait to try this out, maybe during my Christmas cross country ski trip into the yurts in Gatineau Park!

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