grass_keyboardI came across a nice post on Green Living Ottawa by Denise Derby about green blogs around Ottawa. Denise listed off a few great sites, and her readers added a few more. I already followed a couple of these but as I clicked through her post I found a half-dozen very cool new feeds to subscribe to.

From Denise’s blog post:

Virtual Nonsense: Ottawa resident Paul Renaud posts on green-related and other topics.  He’s a member of the Coalition to Protect the South March Highlands and his recent posts discuss the situation there. His site also has a useful list of environmental organizations.

Momentum magazine carries a blog by Ottawa writer Kathleen Wilker on family biking. Lots of good tips about biking with families and kids, as well as on other winter-appropriate forms of locomotion.

The Mindful Merchant is an Ottawa-based and “planet-conscious” blog about healthy living, green ideas and environmentally friendly products.

Laura from the Mindful Merchant added a few more that she follows:

Unstuffed – An Ottawa blog about living simply and lightly. Gardening, climate change, preserving and many other interesting topics.

Heartfelt – Another great local blog about how our purchases impact our planet.

A Sibliant Intake of Breath – A blog about climate change. Uber smart and intimidating…in a good way.

There are a few other good ones that commenters suggested, too, so I recommend checking out Denise’s blog post yourself!


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