A recent Ottawa Citizen article and some posts at GuideGatineau have reported that the rehabilitation of Trail #1 in Gatineau Park has resulted in the main trail through the Park being “paved with garbage”, possibly from a waste site, and is laced with shards of glass, small bits of plastic bags, wires and what seemed like a broken plastic ruler, among other things.

While a recent NCC scout of the trail turned up only a couple beer cans and chip bag, Jean-Paul Murray, a long-time Gatineau Park advocate and resident and chair of the Gatineau Park Protection Committee, says he has found broken glass, pieces of plastic, metal wires and household items such as clothespins over the past few weeks.

NCC spokesman Jean Wolff insists the soil and gravel is clean and has set out a set of standards for contractors who do rehabilitation work, but Murray isn’t convinced and wonders whether the soil is also contaminated with toxins, heavy metals and PCBs.

"I’ve skied, biked and walked this trail — what they’ve done to improve it is laced it with soil and gravel mix larded with contaminants from a garbage dump," Murray said.


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[…] efforts underway on Trail #1 in Gatineau Park. Recently, several reports have emerged about glass and other debris along the trail and many have taken the NCC to task… unjustly, according to Ian. From my academic background in […]

Jean-Paul Murray

A very good piece by Dave Brown.

Only one mistake: I don’t live in Gatineau Park but about 75 metres from its boundary.