The new Demsis website for Gatineau Park cabin, yurt, and campsite reservations is finally working, after a delayed and rocky launch.

Visitors to the new website,, can select a date and view which campsites, including Gatineau Park’s 4 cabins and 3 yurts, are available. Visitors can also book and pay for their campsites right there and then, officially banishing the old, dysfunctional lottery system from existence.

Visitors can also purchase their cross country season’s passes at the new website and, although I didn’t complete my purchase, it appears to be fully functional, too. The system is set up to all you to purchase multiple passes, for yourself and others.

As a guy who runs a pretty complicated website, I can sympathize with the NCC and Demsis, and it’s nice to have this new system available!

Has anyone used the new system? What are your thoughts?

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