Some friends and I went out for our first bike ride of the season over the weekend! We got off to bit of a slow start with a last-minute pit-stop for air and then, once we were finally underway, a blown tire! Thanks to some sibling generosity we were underway with a new bike in no time and headed out to see what the trails along the Ottawa River were looking like.

The Ottawa side around EB Eddy was still completely covered with snow so we headed across the bridge to Gatineau to see if the north side of the river had melted any more… as you can see, not a heck of a lot, so our first outing didn’t get too far. We did manage to find ourselves a nice spot along a canal in the Parc de Portageurs in Hull, where we stopped for a drink and then headed on our way.

Looking forward to a good season on this new bike I got last year!

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