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June 10, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

$20 - $45
Trailhead PaddleCopia Poster

Paddlecopia 2017


Saturday June 10th : Come learn from the experts! A full day of courses in canoeing, kayaking, SUPing and more out at the Trailhead Adventure Center. Industry experts and experienced teachers will be on site all day to answer your questions and give you the knowledge you need for a summer of paddling fun.


  • Free for site access, boat demos and SUP Polo!
  • $45 per person to pick any 3 courses and lunch (must register online)
  • Single course $20 (Please note the Dave Kalama Clinic cannot be bought individually)
  • Lunch no classes $10

*Limit of ONE Dave Kalama course per registrant.



SUP Courses

Intro to SUP

In this course you will learn the basic skills of how to mount, dismount and maneuver your board safely all while giving you the confidence and basic strokes you need to tackle the water. Walk away with the knowledge to safely carry your board as well as sizing your paddle.

SUP Fitness

This course will introduce creative ways to improve your fitness through core strengthening, endurance and balance exercises. The perfect blend of exercise and fun through a dynamic fitness routine challenging your core and coordination.

SUP Yoga

Tone your core, build your stability and challenge your balance. SUP yoga will provide you with a ton of fun all while letting the stresses of the day float away from you.

SUP Racing Techniques

Gain a variety techniques to increase your racing performance through racing strokes, buoy turns and various race start techniques.

SUP with Dave Kalama

Come learn SUP skills with world renowned pro waterman Dave Kalama. *not for beginners*

Kayak Courses

Intro to Kayaking

In this course you will learn from the beginning, from how to adjust your gear for a proper fit, to tips and tricks for smooth entities and exists. Become comfortable balancing your kayak while you learn the basic techniques for good boat control with basic paddle strokes.

Intermediate Kayaking

This course grows on the learning from Intro to Kayak with an introduction to edging in the kayak, low and high brace recoveries and draw strokes for moving your kayak sideways. Learn how and why rafting with other kayaks is an important tool.

Greenland Roll

An introduction to Greenland paddling strokes and gentler rolling technique.

Kayak Fitness

Fitness Paddling is designed to offer paddlers the opportunity to combine a fantastic core workout with basic to advance kayak technique, drills, and games. Each session delivers a structured workout program offering low-impact training with high impact results!

Kayak Rescue

Participants in this course will learn the basics of self and assisted rescues; wet exits, two person assisted T-rescues, and self rescue with techniques to re-enter the kayak alone.

Learn to Roll

Beginners can expect to learn the basic skills of rolling, including on land skills they can take home to help with their next attempts. Anyone who has the beginning skills will be helped to perfect their roll and begin to learn back deck roll skills.

Canoe Courses

Basic Canoeing

Perfect first time canoe-ers and anyone wishing to brush up on their skills! Learn how to properly get in a canoe, bracing techniques, and an intro to the J-stroke

Solo Canoeing

This course will provide you with the skills to confidently solo paddle a tandem canoe; such as how to sit, keep the boat stable, and which strokes to use and when!

Paddling Straight

Learn to keep your canoe paddling straight with ruddering, J-strokes, and the River J stroke.

Emptying Your Canoe

There is more than one way to empty a canoe, in this course you’ll learn everything from the canoe over canoe method to the Capistrano Flip and more.

Canoe Safety

Learn about canoe safety equipment and recoveries so you can be safe and confident on the water.

Land Courses

Backcountry Cooking

Get tips and tricks on cooking a feast in the backcountry, hands on learning at it’s yummiest!

Compass & Map Reading

An introduction to map reading, plotting points on a map, orienting a compass and setting a bearing using a compass.

Car Topping Tips

Learn methods to safely attaching canoe, kayaks, and SUPs to the roof of your vehicle.

Leave No Trace

Learn how to use Leave No Trace principles to make your next wilderness adventure more sustainable!

Kayak Trip Planning

Ever wondered how to pack your kayak for a multi day trip, in this course you will learn how to prep, pack, waterproof, and organize your food and gear.

Canoe Trip Planning

Learn how to prep, pack, waterproof, and organize your gear for a multi day canoe trip.

Transporting Canoes

Learn how to properly transport your canoe through different 1 and 2 person lifts, proper portaging techniques, and getting your canoe safely onto your car.

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