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Ottawa2Montebello Paddling Race

June 8

Welcome to the Ottawa to Montebello interprovincial paddling marathon.

A non-stop paddling race on the Ottawa river from the Boathouse near parliament hill in Ottawa Ontario, to the Montebello marina in Quebec. With deep waters, slight current and no portages, this fun race will challenge even the best of paddlers.

Race staging will take place at the Boathouse below Rockliffe Lookout. There will be an area for paddlers to put their boats in the water and some parking available, however Saturday mornings are also a busy time for rowers, please be considerate.

The race is set to start at the Ottawa Boathouse at 8am on Saturday June 8th. Racers will line up behind a virtual line before a mass start to Montebello. All classes and categories will start at once.

Open to all paddlers including canoes, kayaks, SUPs, outriggers, voyageurs. Paddlers must be at least 16 years of age or 14 if paddling with an adult.

Racers are welcome to obtain support along the race in the form of food, drink and medication. Help in progressing the boat forward however is not allowed.

Racers are expected to have the following equipment: a) Personal Floatation Device (PFD) for each paddler, b) sound signaling device (e.g. whistle), c) a cell phone with tracking enabled (see tracking section)

To help us organize the race, and for people online wanting to watch the race, racers will be required to carry a cell phone in a waterproof container with FollowMe app tracking enabled and sufficient battery life to for the duration of the race. The app is free and easy to setup, detailed instructions will be made available shortly.

There are two ferries along the race course, Manson-Anger (at 21km) and Thurso-Clarence (at 37km). These are relatively large boats ferrying cars across the Ottawa river which need be given priority. Padders MUST wait until an appropriate and safe time to make their way across – even if this means compromising your competitive position.

The race will end across a virtual line at the Montebello marina. After racers cross the line they can get out of the their boats using one of the docks. The marina offers ample parking and washroom facilities.

Submit your registration here for this year’s race.

Register at the Ottawa2Montebello website by clicking here.


The Boathouse Restaurant
The Boathouse Restaurant, Sir George-Étienne Cartier Pkwy
Ottawa, Ontario K1M 0A2 Canada
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(613) 744-5253

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