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Gauge Stations: How do they work?

June 26 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Part of Whitewater Ontario’s River Science for Paddlers webinar series

Gauge stations are common tools used by paddlers to look at current or historical flows in rivers. This seminar provides some background on different types of gauge stations, how they function, how they are established and maintained, as well as common issues related to interpreting gauge station data.

Dr. Ben Plumb is a member of the Whitewater Ontario Board and currently resides in Ottawa. Through this profession as a river engineer and fluvial geomorphologist, he studies, designs and restores rivers to enhance fish habitat, mitigate flooding, promote sustainable infrastructure development and mitigate erosion risk. Ben has dedicated the last decade to better understand how rivers work in order to find and design solutions for many issues facing our rivers.

Registration is required. Click here to register for this Whitewater Ontario Webinar.

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