Ever wonder what you can do to help clean, and keep clean, the Ottawa River? Well how about donating a few bucks to help save the Ottawa Riverkeeper interns and summer outreach programs?

The Ottawa Riverkeeper got less grant money than they expected for their summer outreach program and they are looking to make up the difference through fundraising. The Riverkeeper outreach efforts, which has reached more than 4,000 people so far this summer, provide education and materials for teaching about shoreline erosion, stormwater runoff, different species of fish, and loads more.

The answer to how to protect the Ottawa River: teach the kids to love it young!

Here is the Ottawa Riverkeeper’s interns’ plea, copied from the Ottawa Riverkeeper’s mailchimp campaign:

Every summer, Ottawa Riverkeeper hires student interns to help with outreach, events, and managing the water quality updates for the Swim Guide app. It’s a great opportunity that dozens apply for, and this year, we were the two lucky students hired!

Meeting people right at city beaches, interacting with curious people at events like Doors Open Ottawa, and calling local businesses to prepare for our Riverkeeper 4K Swim have been some of the highlights so far. We get to interact and speak with the public about what Ottawa Riverkeeper is doing and we get to hear people’s stories about the river.

Ottawa Riverkeeper works with the community to protect the Ottawa River and watershed so that we can all can paddle, swim, drink, fish and do what we love on the water! Hearing what a large role the river plays in people’s lives has made us realize how important it is for all of us to keep working together to protect it.

This spring, Ottawa Riverkeeper received less grant funding for our summer outreach and education programs than expected. So now we are reaching out to you to ask for your help funding this important work. Would you consider a donation of $25, $50 or $100 today?

Your donation would help fund another great part of our work: connecting with kids! We have some really fun educational materials like a stormwater model, a shoreline erosion model, a giant sturgeon poster, and more! Over 4,000 people have learned from these already this summer. It is amazing to see young kids play with aquascopes in the water, pretending that they are explorers looking for fish, aquatic plants, or whatever is lying on the sand.

We have also been hard at work creating more materials and games this summer to use at events, and it is great to see the impact of they have on the public. Both adults and kids are excited to play “Eel Plinko” or the “Invasive Species Guessing Game.” The best part is that these materials aren’t just useful at summer events. We can also use them in classrooms to show students that there is science happening in their own backyards and to teach them about their local water bodies.

We want you, the public, to have the resources and opportunities to learn about and enjoy this incredible natural resource we’re are so fortunate to have at our doorstep. Your donation will help make this happen!

We have both really enjoyed our summer working at Ottawa Riverkeeper so far. We’ve had awesome experiences getting out on the river and connecting with people. We’ve heard locals speak about the river they grew up on while paddling a war canoe, laughed with people telling stories about their hilarious wildlife sighting tales, and collected garbage along our shorelines with people from 7 different countries!

Ottawa Riverkeeper truly believes in providing summer students with rewarding professional opportunities. This experience has taught us valuable leadership and communication skills while strengthening our knowledge about water systems and their protection, which is directly related to our studies in conservation.

Water brings us together and I hope you will make a donation today to help us continue to make these great connections and work together for our incredible river!

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Margot Maclaren, Events Assistant and 
Gwen Marty, Community Engagement and Events Assistant
P.S. Through our work this summer, we’ve been talking to the public about the toxic triclosan that spills into our waters, the turtles at risk in the river, and water quality measurements at beaches. People want to know about what happens in their river and with your donation, you can help provide them with that information. Please donate $25, $50 or $100 today!

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