This didn’t seem like a particularly grueling a winter to me but, depending on which graphic you believe, we still managed beat a couple wintery records this year!

First off, this winter saw 294.7cm of snow this season (so far!), quite a bit more than the 220cm-or-so we usually get between November and April. Of that, 101cm was in January, which also incidentally set the record for the snowiest January on record.

And now the controversy: did we set a new record for most consecutive days with at least 1cm of snow coverage on the ground? Well it depends on which graphic you look at…

The Weather Network has posted a graphic showing that yes! We’ve smashed through the record, last bested in 1977, with 147 days of consecutive snow cover blanketing the city.

A graphic The Weather Network posted showing we've blasted past the snow-on-the-ground record.

Unfortunately Rolf Campbell, who runs the @YOW_weather twitter account and thee weather service, disagrees (even though TWN graphic is from Rolf’s twitter feed) and says that we still need one more day to break the decades-old record.

His chart, shown below, indicates that we’re currently sitting in 2nd place with one 10-degree and rainy day between us and the all-time record:

It’s too early in the morning for me to figure out what’s gone wrong with these graphics and why they disagree, but the point is we’ve had snow on the ground for a long time this year.

Will we beat the record? Have we already beaten the record? If there’s still somehow at least a centimetre of snow on the ground tomorrow, then regardless of which graphic you believe … YES!

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