Last week’s story about the impending demolition of the old power station at the Deschênes rapids – and possibly the destruction of a great kayak and surf spot –  got a lot of attention, and now there’s a pretty happy development: the Deschênes Ruins will remain!

Pontiac MNA André Fortin has announced that after meeting with the local kayak associations and hearing the plan they proposed – to keep the ruins and prime rapids while improving safety – the MTQ was interested enough abandon plans to demolish the 132-year old ruins and instead allow the City of Gatineau to make the proposed upgrades to the site for safety and security.

“We also know that the City of Gatineau has set aside money to set up the banks in this area and to secure access to the site,” said Fortin. “Several other discussions will have to take place on this issue, but it is clear that we must give a chance to this development project. ”
(translated using Google)

This is great news for kayakers, surfers, and the local community which also fought to keep the ruins. It’s also interesting to note how often local sports associations are proposing sensible solutions to infrastructure, ecological, and health challenges cities are facing… a trend I hope continues!

Presumably we’ll see some safety features installed in the near future, which is terrific. It’s a gorgous spot, even if you’re not in the water, and I think the Province has made the right choice.

With info from Le Droit and CBC.

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