It might look like something Jules Verne cooked up, but it’s real: a paddler named Olivier Feuillette, known for his time on the Zambezi, has built-out a kayak that converts into a human-powered submarine.

Take a look as Feuillette unloads the one-man gizmo off a trailer, takes off kayaking, puts away his paddle and then opens the hatch to nestle into the cockpit. Then the underwater adventure begins. The human-powered sub appears to move forward by some kind of rudder that sways just like a fish.

According to Kayak Session, Feuillette, a “kayaking legend,” has been working on his sub for a few years.

On Thursday, a YouTube user under the name Olivier Feuillette told extremely curious commenters how he breathes while submerged: “Air comes from a cylinder, over flow comes out. For long dive co2 filter is used i am talking over 2/3 hours. The pressure is equalized so scuba rules are apply, same for depth.”

Pretty rad, but still pretty cumbersome. And as one commenter pointed out, it looks like a ready-made casket!

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