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About the Club
The Club was founded in 1972. Since that time it has become a well-established institution serving the regional districts of Perth and Smiths Falls. In1982 it entered into a partnership with Murphys Point Provincial Park and established its main trail network there. Four years later it was incorporated as “The Tay Valley Ski and Fitness Club.” It continues to operate as a volunteer not-for-profit community organization.

Since 1995 our Club has been a full participating affiliate of Cross Country Ontario and, through it, Cross Country Canada. The regional organization is the National Capital Division. Membership in this structure provides opportunities for mutual support for the growth and development of our sport.

The Club, in cooperation with the authorities at the Park, designs and maintains the ski trail network. To this end, it organizes collaborative field parties, which usually occur under the brilliant fall colours and sometimes in the conditions of an invigorating pre-winter climate.

The Club owns and deploys snow-grooming equipment that it uses to take maximum advantage of the precious white stuff. Regular annual Loppets have frequently attracted strong and enthusiastic local participation. Many participants often come from the broader Ottawa-Kingston area. Youth activities have included the popular Jack Rabbit and Ski Fast programs. Family day events and adult tours continue to offer recreational fun for both youngsters and adults. Moonlight Skis offer an opportunity to experience the dark stillness of winter. The event is often capped by an evening of entertainment at the Club Chalet. Annual General Meetings have also evolved into social get-togethers where planning input is welcomed and encouraged.