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The KBC is a not-for-profit bouldering facility designed, built and run by climbers. We were founded in 2010 by climbing enthusiasts seeking a positive and engaging environment in which to climb, train, and connect to the climbing community locally and nationally. An entirely volunteer-run project, we also seek to establish a proactive and engaged relationship with the broader Kingston community. This means that a membership with us is more than just a gym pass – you are joining a community of climbers committed to fostering athletic excellence, offering constant and exciting challenges, sharing our passion and knowledge of the sport with new climbers, and climbing simply for the love of it!Annual, monthly and student access passes are available at the KBC. New to bouldering? Drop in and purchase a day pass to enjoy a session without having to commit.

Our Mission
The purpose of the Co-operative is to provide a high quality indoor climbing experience and a co-operative climbing environment that fosters development in athletic excellence and volunteer involvement, and that contributes to the continued development of a cohesive and positive climbing community within Kingston.
Our Vision
The aim of the Co-operative is to contribute locally to building a global climbing community that promotes the pursuit of mental and physical excellence and a culture which nurtures respect for our natural world. The Co-op also aims to play a leadership role in contributing to a climbing co-operative movement within Canada.
Our Values
The core values and beliefs of the Co-operative are leadership, democracy, creativity, quality and safety. Leadership: We lead by example and aim to nurture and encourage new climbers and educate experienced climbers about positive climbing behaviours both in a gym environment and outdoors, as well as develop and offer opportunities for individuals to grow as leaders within the climbing community.

Democracy: We wish to build a culture of co-operation through democratic decision-making, ensuring all members have an equal opportunity to voice opinions and initiate change. Incorporated in this value is a transparency of the elected Board of Directors’ ongoing plans for the Co-operative, budget estimates and spending, and ongoing attention to feedback from the Co-operative’s membership.

Creativity: We aim to create a dynamic climbing environment which is fun and exciting for climbers of all abilities.

Quality: Our climbing facility will remain on the cutting edge of the sport and offers a place for climbers to pursue quality physical and mental training.

Safety: We aim to provide a climbing environment which upholds the strictest safety standards and educates our membership on safe climbing practices.