If we have to accept the cold temps, the actic winds, the mounds of monochrome snow, at least we get one big final explosion of colour and life each year in the form of the fall colours.

Well that season is upon us – with Fall beginning in just a few days – so it’s time to start thinking about how to get outdoors and enjoy one of nature’s most spectacular shows.

Luckily you’re not the only one interested in such things, so the Province operates a Fall Foliage Report, which shows the progress of the reds, browns and yellows across the province’s parks.

A screenshot from Ontario Parks’ Foliage Tracker page.

I’m watching this page with keen interest because I’ve got a week-long trip to Algonquin in a week and a bit… I think my trip will line up perfectly with the best of the Fall colours!

Fall Colours in Gatineau Park

This site obviously only covers the Ontario side of things. If you’re heading into Gatineau Park check out the Fall Rhapsody colour meter and other offerings from the NCC this Fall, including the free shuttle bus!

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