Picture yourself flying down the hill, through the trees by Clifford, out across the run, back into the woods towards Marshall, just a foot above the forest floor, rocks and shrubs. Well, it’s gonna happen, because at long last Camp Fortune has received approval from the NCC for it’s summer luge run!

Camp Fortune has been granted permission to build a summer luge run.

Camp Fortune has been working tirelessly at this project for over 8 years now, since before the NCC turned down a proposed “Alpine Coaster” back in 2011. The proposal at the time included permanent concrete foundations, which the NCC rejected.

The new luge will instead use metal stands that support a rail, onto which the cart is mounted. The driver, as it were, has a brake to control their speed. The entire course is removable, so each Fall it will be packed up and stored.

Camp Fortune is eager to diversify it’s income streams so as to reduce its dependency on skiing, which is weather-sensitive and impossible to forecast.

The Camp Fortune arial park and mountain biking are two relatively new and growing pillars of the Camp Fortune experience, and this new luge will just add to the summer experience.

“We need to get away from being dependent upon one season and having a hedge against a bad winter by having more activities in the summer,” he said.

It all sounds very fun! I remember when I was a kid there was something similar up at Mont Cascades, only instead of a rail you were riding down inside a halfpipe. My sister actually flew off the edge and broke her arm, accounting today, 40 years later, for her “short arm”.

Now that the approval is out of the way, construction will take place in late this summer and through the fall and then will to open next year just in time for Camp Fortune’s centennial.

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