I’ve been watching this project for a while now: the Internet’s favourite outdoorsperson, Camper Christina, has been showing off her new, home-made hot tent on her Facebook page and at outdoor shows across Ontario for a couple months now, and she has finally revealed all in a three-part video series on her YouTube Channel!

Camper Christina's homemade hot tent on display
Camper Christina’s homemade hot tent on display

I’m super excited to get some real winter camping in but my big hold-up is a nice hot tent: they’re crazy expensive. With most models well over $1,000, and many much, much more than that, a hot tent cant be a real barrier for those of us who like to camp on a budget!

Camper Christina’s homemade hot tent came in at under $600, making it a pretty solid bargain especially considering the size! I mean, I supposed if you factor in the 40-45 hours of time it takes to construct the math might look a bit different, but whos’s counting?

The cost breakdown of Camper Christina's hot tent project!
The cost breakdown of Camper Christina’s hot tent project!

Even though I had made 2 homemade hot tents previously, I wanted to make a bigger hot tent and show the how to of how it was made. This new homemade hot tent would be able to accommodate myself and my friends on a winter backcountry camping trip, or provide space and comfort while winter campground camping etc. Here is the video series showing in detail, how I made a bigger hot tent. I hope you enjoy the series and please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

Camper Christina

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