bike-bus-car-challengeFriday’s Bike-Bus-Car Challenge kicked off Ottawa/Gatineau’s Sustainable Transportation Week, with an exciting three-way race from Billings Bridge to the Museum of Civilization through downtown morning rush hour. The catch? Eric Kunstadt (from Kunstadt Sports) was on a bike, and his two competitors were in a car and on OC Transpo!

Who won?

Well, in case you didn’t read the title of this blog post: All three left Billings Bridge at 7:45… and Eric pulled on his bike at the Museum at 8:25 a.m! The car followed at 8:35, and the bus at 8:48. (By not taking their cars, points out Ottawa’s Envirocentre, the bus riders saved $13 for parking plus the costs of gas, insurance and maintenance – not to mention their lower carbon emissions).

Way to go Eric!


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