The Vyrendrye Wildlife Reserve is a vast wilderness about two and a half hours north of Ottawa – an oasis of endless exploration for campers and paddlers in the summer. Way less busy than Algonquin, it’s kind of a hidden gem for Ottawa outdoor enthusiasts since it’s not swarmed by Torontonians, making solitude a more common perk of a trip to La Vyrendrye.

Well if you’re thinking of visiting La Vyrendrye you should take a peek at this handy map produced by the guy who runs Proespector 16, a canoeing and tripping blog. This guy has mapped with pretty good accuracy most campsites and canoe routes in La Vyrendrye, giving visitors a much better idea of where to set up tent than provided by the official Vyrendrye website.

This is a labour of love by this diligent blogger, and it’s much appreciated by those of use who will certainly make use of it!

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