I came across a lively discussion on Facebook about a camper who was ticketed for picking a bucket of blueberries at her campsite in Algonquin Park.

An Algonquin Park visitor was ticketed $155 for picking blueberries in the Park.
This update was posted in the Algonquin Park Facebook page.

It honestly never occurred to me that picking some berries might upset the authorities! Now, it sounds like this group was perhaps picking a container of berries, which is perhaps a bit more selfish than simply popping a few in your mouth as you walk past the bush.

Some commenters – and there were plenty, more than 400 comments so far – suggested it was to keep berries around for bears, who eat huge quantities.

The gist of the conversation seemed to be that if you were grabbing a few for your morning pancakes – no problem. But if you plan on bringing them out of the park – that’s a no-no. Just like every rock, plant, and piece of driftwood, you’re meant to leave things as you find them in Algonquin.

And if $155 seems a bit steep to you, it didn’t in the comments section – most seemed pretty stoked to hear that the Ministry was actually fining people!

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