• With 5,000′ of shoreline, we are blessed with scenic camping in addition to our cabins. All camping guests are part of our meal plan. Coming soon is pizza and beer delivery to your campsite. We have 3 camping areas:

    Rafters South (Rowdy South) is primarily camping next to your vehicle.

    Rafters North (Family camping) is treed camping without vehicles where you walk into your site. About 30 second walk away

    Quiet Camping is just that – quiet! In an open area. About 30 second walk away from your vehicle.

  • Your overwhelming response to our programs has moved WT from a regional summer seasonal adventure resort to a four-season adventure vacation destination.

    We have come a long way from our early beginnings in Algonquin Park. A walk through our parking lot last summer revealed license plates from all over Canada and the US. Continuing the walk along the deck, one would hear accents from Britain, Europe, US eastern seaboard and the mid-west. While the majority of our guests are still from the “Golden Horseshoe” of Lake Ontario and Ottawa, it is nice to know WT has arrived on the world’s adventure destination stage.

    Our mission since 1975 has been to provide you the finest rafting experiences east of the Rocky Mountains. You have been telling us we have succeeded and more. After operating for over 40 years, we must recommit ourselves to providing you the finest  adventure experience anywhere. Daunting, but we are up to the task. Now as in 1975, we look forward to sharing the magic found in whitewater on Canada’s Ottawa River.