Essential Stats

Total KM of Trails:15
# Trails11
Skate Skiing:Yes
Classic Skiing:Yes
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Wesley Clover Parks Winter Trails Cabin

Wesley Clover Parks Winter Trails Cabin

After a successful Indigogo campaign to raise funds, Kanata Nordic has opened 15 km of skate and classic ski trails meandering through this beautiful property at the eastern edge of Kanata. The entrance is at 401 Corkstown (the equestrian park). Drive to the main parking lot and look for our charming little trailhead cabin.

Come check out the trails anytime. Kanata Nordic membership includes a pass for this season. To join the club, go to our Registration page or to get a ski pass (before Feb 12) simply donate to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign and select the pass as a ‘perk’.

Members who haven’t yet received their pass can contact Marlene.

  • For casual users, day passes are $5 per adult; children under 13 no charge. There are envelopes, a sign-in book and a fee collection box at the trailhead cabin. It’s a honour system.
  • No walking, snowshoes or dogs on ski tracks — stay to the side opposite any groomed tracks.
  • No access to other buildings (the outhouse at the trailhead is for skiers and other trail users).
  • The trail map is posted at the trailhead cabin. You can also download it here.

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting more maps and trail numbers throughout the trail network. Please be understanding as we put all the final touches in place for the season.

Be safe — don’t ski alone. Enjoy the trails!