Essential Stats

Paddling Type:Whitewater
Rapid Class:From 1 to 2
Destination Type:Park & Play

Pumphouse training times and paddling time-slot availability can be found on the Events Calendar. If you wish to paddle during National Team and Advanced Development Grup Training Slots, please ask the coach, or contact us. 


The Ottawa River Runners’ enthusiasm to nurture paddling year round is facilitated by our outdoor site at the Fleet Street Pumping Station tailrace in Ottawa, through weekly trips to local rivers in the spring/summer/fall and finally via winter pool sessions.  More advanced paddlers are encouraged to develop via higher level coaching up to the National level.

The Pumphouse facility provides a class 2 whitewater site within the city, as well as a moving water beginners area below, where the outflow meets the Ottawa River at Victoria Island.  Use of this area is via an agreement with the City of Ottawa, requiring users to be ORR members and abide by specific rules.  The site upgrade included removal of contaminated soil (legacy of its industrial past), stablization of earthen banks and finally  landscaping to blend into the LeBreton Flats renewal.  This occured over the span of 2004 – 2008. It now provides spectators a good view of activities from a lookout and from a fenced path alongside the whitewater.  The club provides limited boat storage at the Pumphouse facility for a fee, and this is presently offered via locked containers.

The ORR puts substantial financial and volunteer resources into maintaining the Pumphouse/Tailrace course. We have a policy that all individuals or companies running courses at the facility, and charging for those courses, remits 10% of their course revenues to the ORR. In addition, it is recommended that course instructors be club members.


From Ottawa River Runners website.