Essential Stats

Hike Length:~6k
Loop?3 Loops
Hike Difficulty:Easy - Medium
+- Elevation:~150ft

Open May 15 – November 15 Sunrise to Sunset

Born in fire over a billion years ago deep in the roots of an ancient mountain range, Rock Dunder is part of a large igneous feature termed the Lyndhurst granite. Wind, water, and the ice of retreating glacial ice sheets sculpted this hard pink granite into its present shape

Rock Dunder is a wilderness area (230 acres) with carry in, carry out policies. The 3 trails include the Cabin Trail, the Morton Bay Loop, and the Summit Loop.

  • The Cabin Trail is an easy 1.3 km walk past a beaver pond, through mixed forest and a white pine plantation.
  • The Morton Bay Loop comprises two moderately steep sections to and from a small peninsular outlook over Morton Bay. The hike is 2km through mixed forest.
  • The Summit Loop is a 3.9km climb which runs alongside Dean’s Island through a variety of forest, offering sneak peaks over rocky cliffs. The summit offers a panoramic view of the Rideau Waterway.

The Rock Dunder property is owned by the Rideau Waterway Land Trust. For all enquiries, and more information, contact the Rideau Waterway Land Trust.

A day pass is for $10 or a season pass for $50 can be purchased through Eventbrite .