The Petrie Island Beach on Petrie Island in Ottawa’s East end is the City’s newest beach, and offers a wonderful sandy beach and spectacular views across the Ottawa River.

While arguably one of the nicest beaches around, due to it’s location downstream from the city it is unfortunately closed for pollution more often than the others. Check the daily water readings at the City of Ottawa Daily Beach Water Quality Results page.

The Beaches

Petrie Island - East Bay Beach (photo cred: Ottawa River Keeper)First, there is the East Bay Beach. This beach is, as the name suggests, situated at the Far East of the island. It is an average size beach and it is situated in the bay which means it has less wind and currents than the beaches situated on the river. It is a great place to relax.


Petrie Island - Main Beach (photo cred: Ottawa River Keeper)Then, there is the Main Beach. This beach is divided in three sections. All three sections overlook the Ottawa River and therefore offer a wonderful view. The first two are very large and are separated by a small artificial rocky formation. They are both composed of very soft sand that descends slowly into the water, making it the perfect area for children.

Petrie Island - Largest Beach (photo cred: Ottawa River Keeper)The largest beach is situated to the right of that formation. It is so big, it requires three lifeguard stations. It is excellent if you like having a lot of space to run around and play in the water.



Petrie Island - Second Largest Beach (photo cred: Ottawa River Keeper)The second largest section is situated right on the left of the rocky formation. This beach is a bit smaller but is still large enough to be able to give yourself plenty of space to move around.



Petrie Island - Smaller, more private Beach (photo cred: Ottawa River Keeper)Lastly, there is the smallest and most secluded beach on the island. This beach is situated left of the other two main beaches. This beach’s sand is not as soft but this beach is perfect for people whole enjoy being a bit more secluded and that enjoy areas that are a bit more quiet. This beach also offers a lot of refreshing shade.





Petrie Island beach is well equipped, with: