We’ve found the perfect way to explore and enjoy the Ottawa Valley. THE E-BIKE.

E-bikes ride like a regular bicycle — you pedal, but the battery amplifies the power produced by the pedals. Ride further, ride faster and have fun powering up the hills. We’ve gone one step further and customized our e-bikes to best suit the Ottawa Valley and outfitted them to handle the thousands of kilometers of gravel roads (so you can roam every nook and cranny). Our local guides can help you plan the perfect routes.

With an e-bike, you will easily conquer the Letterkenny Hill (local badge of honor) and get the reward of riding a rolling hills route through farms, beside lakes and enjoy the view from the top. Another local classic is to ride the Opeongo Line and climb Cormac Hill (rated second toughest hill in Ontario). Great bragging rights but the more beautiful way up that hill is the little-travelled gravel road ascent. Oh! We have a lot of secret little rides in the Valley.

Our ebikes are Cannondale Synapse NEO 2. This ebike has received rave reviews for it’s comfort, silent motor and riding like a traditional bicycle.  We’ve outfitted them with gravel tires so you can explore the less-travelled gravel roads as well as paved.

Algonquin Park is another gem. E-biking the park is slow enough to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells and power-assisted enough to make it fun for everyone.

So come ride with us. Rent a bike. Take a tour. Live outside and enjoy the ride.


  • 3 hours $7
  • 8 hours $100
  • 24 hour $125


It is best if we meet where you plan to start your ride. We offer free drop-off and pick-up in Combermere and Barry’s Bay. Our self-guided tour maps offer lots of riding options for these areas.

eBikes are heavier (~40 lbs) and the frame tubing is larger so as a result they do not work with all car and truck bike racks.

If you are interested in another drop/off and pick-up location, please give us a shout and we’d be happy to discuss some options. Delivery charges may apply.

We will also be running pop-up shops throughout the Ottawa Valley this summer including Algonquin Park and the Whitewater Region.