Essential Stats

Paddling Type:Whitewater
Rapid Class:From 2 to 3
Destination Type:Rafting

From the sweep of the river, the Ottawa looks as majestic as when Champlain viewed it four centuries ago. This trip has everything – fun, education and just enough excitement to be thrilled at the end of the run. It’s perfect for adventure seekers, families, schools and corporate groups. This 3-hour trip is offered mornings and afternoons.

Starting at Britannia, you practice with the guide in the flat water on the way downstream to the rapids. The trip starts off with a bang, the Deschenes Rapids. Lucky for us, the guide can choose the level of difficulty by moving right or left at the top of the rapid. That is how we can offer both family rafting and adventure rafting on the same trip.

Looking back upstream you can savor the experience and size of the rapid you just challenged. It’s now time to relax a little as your guide keeps the raft in the current as you float along learning about the river. You can start to see Parliament Hill in the distance and it seems to rise magically as you paddle along.  We also include a complimentary shuttle back to Britannia Beach after your raft trip!

To book your rafting trip, please click on the date you wish to come, select how many persons are coming and pick your time.  It’s that simple! We sell at very low cost a poncho, quick dry T’s,  river shoes and straps for your glasses.