• Nakkertok is the largest cross country ski club in Canada. Our network of 75 km of expertly groomed trails is located on privately-owned lands in the Gatineau Hills and accessible within 20 minutes of downtown Ottawa. Growing and strong with over 1,400 members, Nakkertok continues to provide both a friendly family atmosphere and a high level of competitive racing, as well as programs offered in Ontario and Quebec.

    Nakkertok has a 75 km network of trails including a 24 km link trail between the cabins at Nakkertok South and the cabins of Nakkertok North.

    The trails at South are groomed for skating and classic skiing with a state-of-the-art Pisten Bully groomer. Two loops are lit at night. The backcountry trails at North are groomed by snowmobile track-setter for classical skiing only at present.

    All of these trails are available for members’ use at all times, but South is sometimes busy with races and jackrabbit classes. The trails at Nakkertok North are almost always quiet.

    Nakkertok South

    Located 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa in Cantley, Quebec, Nakkertok South has a heated ski chalet with benches and tables, and places to store your gear. It’s a great place to change your boots, warm-up, and socialize to meet other master skiers or club members. The trails at South are groomed for skating and classic skiing with a state-of-the-art Pisten Bully groomer. Two loops are lit at night. The trails at South form more or less a grid, extending for about 4 km north into the bush and slightly higher country. These offer enjoyable skiing, and are suitable for beginners, with the exception of a few short stretches.


    Nakkertok South Trail Map
    Nakkertok South – North Part
    Nakkertok South – South Part
    Nakkertok South Snowshoe Trails
    Nakkertok South with Recommended Loops

    Nakkertok Val-des-Monts

    Nakkertok also has a set of trails in Val-des-Monts, with access from Hwy 366, which offer classic skiers an opportunity to explore more rugged terrain. Nakkertok Val-des-Monts is also the point of departure for the annual Weber Loppet and the venue for Thea’s Race in the spring. It also features a main chalet where you can warm up. The backcountry trails at Val-des-Monts are groomed by snowmobile track-setter for classic skiing only at present.

    Val-des-Monts’ trails are generally more challenging than those of South, but there are some nice short loops. Many members have never discovered what Val-des-Monts has to offer. The snow lasts longer, the hills are beautiful, and there are certainly some thrills.

    Map: Nakkertok North Map

    Connection between Nakkertok South and Val-des-Monts

    Nakkertok South and Nakkertok Val-des-Monts are linked together through a 24 km North-South corridor. This corridor between Val-des-Monts and Nakkertok South is challenging, and goes through fairly isolated areas, so it is particularly important not to ski these stretches alone! Take emergency supplies — extra clothing, food, water and matches.

    You can read a detailed description of the ski run from Val-des-Monts to Nakkertok South on this page.

    MapsNorth-to-South Top  North-to-South Bottom

    Pooch Loop

    We unfortunately cannot allow skiing with your favourite furry friend on our entire network as dogs will break up ski tracks. However, we do offer one trail, called the Pooch Loop, for those interested in skiing with their dog. Find out more about the Pooch Loop and its usage rules.

  • Nakkertok South has a new snowshoe trail network. Eva Meyer has recently completed the network begun by Brian Foley. The snowshoe system will be indicated by little triangles on an updated Nakkertok South map, prepared by Nakkertok’s in-house trail map expert, Bill Anderson. When available, it will be found under the resources section of this website.

    Snowshoe trails can also be found at Nakk North. These are marked on the current Nakk North map.

    Snowshowers: please respect the hard work of grooming the ski trails. Please avoid stepping on any ski trails whenever possible and don’t linger on ski trails. Please do not use any of our trails with regular boots in winter, as they sink in too deep and leave big gouges. These new trails are for snowshoes only.