Essential Stats

Total Trails Length:26km
+- Elevation:126m
LaRoccaXC Mountain Bike School

LaRoccaXC Mountain Bike School

123 m of elevation and 26 km of trails…

LaRoccaXC is a privately owned mountain bike school. Our mission is simple, help you become a better rider by offering you technical advice and mental training skills. Everyone you will meet on the trail is there for the same reason as you! To IMPROVE! Seasonal memberships are sold on site.

This 108 acres Laurentian forest has been strategically zoned in four distinct areas to serve the needs of anyone committed to a balanced approach to health and fitness. The acronym P.A.A.R. is our motto: Preventing Accidents by being Accountable and Responsible at all times.

Since our south facing contour trails are dry, you won’t go home with a muddy drivetrain or the feeling of having damaged any trails. We take pride in our 100% sustainable trail design.

Green Zone

Inspired by the ‘Snakes & Ladders’ board game, the green zone offers a multitude of very technical single-track (now referred as the snake pit) to force the rider to master the basics. Repetition leads to successes. Our two pump tracks (Flow 1 & 2), creatively integrated in this zone, allows the rider to take a mental break and experience more speed and flow.

Blue Zone

Beyond Ladder #4 and Salamander Bridge, you will climb (10% grade) to the 2nd plateau on the land. You will be challenged by many chest (or boobs) to the bar and pedal and coast moments as you navigate the gently rocky slopes. In the blue zone, the trails offer more flow, speed and smooth & rocky descents. Atlas pass, Cowan’s descent, I.M.B.A., Ray’s trail, Roller Coaster and Dubois’s baby heads will supply the adrenaline rush you crave. The blue zone offers many opportunities for interval training since all the trails are designed to create loops that can be ridden both ways.

Black Zone

Also named Ironwood Playpark, the top of the mountain spreads out over fifty acres of sugar maples and two beautiful beaver dam. The terrain is flat and fast rolling. This is where most of the speed is experienced on the mountain. You will find a very technical loop called Ironwood, a fast and flowing loop called KADI and a sweet trail called Picasso. We are presently working on Chicane, MicaSkill and Amik trail and hope to be completed by this autumn 2015.

Dubois road

What goes up, must come down, therefore, our 1.5 km emergency access logging road, called Dubois, is a sweet, fast, ONE WAY descent and only used for emergency response by coaches, patrols and advanced riders. It is very steep, fast and full of baby heads.  An ultimate downhill experience without the chairlift. Some sections of Dubois are not rideable and forced cross-mounts are necessary.